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Transformations is all about helping you move more and move better, helping you improve your quality and control over your movement, and helping you find ways to move in ways that enhance your quality of life and independence.  There are times when the solutions to your movement difficulties come through exercise or practicing a movement and its application, as a skill you can acquire as you train or retrain your body to do something, or from learning a compensatory strategy or technique that makes a function or movement manageable.  However, there are also times when the right piece of equipment used in the right way is the right thing for you and will not just aid your mobility but your safety, independence, and quality of life... a wheelchair that enables you to access the world independently, a mobility scooter that gives you a safe option to manage longer distances while you continue to rehabilitate your walking, a foldable cane that you can carry in your handbag for those moments when the legs are that bit more wobbly, hip protectors because falling is a risk of walking, a special bed or chair that makes living at home safer and happier for you and anyone helping with your care, a tool that allows you to put on your socks or pick something up off of the floor, a ramp that means a step is no longer a barrier for you.  

Lisa is proud to be a distributor for Kiwi Rehab Rehabilitation and Mobility Products and can help you find the most suitable product with guaranteed quality, top notch service, and optional customisation from Kiwi Rehab, New Zealand's most trusted supplier of mobility aids and equipment.  Please contact Lisa to find out more about the Kiwi Rehab product range or to arrange an in home trial or product demonstration.