Functional Mobility and Rehabilitation

There are times when exercising is about losing a bit of weight or toning up or putting on some muscle so that you can feel better about the way that you look.  There are times when exercising is about performance in a sport or preparation for an athletic event or competition.  

However, there are other times when you are motivated to exercise because you want to recover from an injury, an accident, or to make the best of a medical condition.  Times when you are motivated because you are in pain and want to reduce that pain and to improve the quality of your life.  Times when you want to be able to move through your day more easily, more fluently.  Times when you need to repair and balance out muscles so that you can perform better whether that is at your sport or in your every day activities.  Times when you want to have more energy and to feel better.  Times when you want to learn or relearn to do specific tasks that are important to your overall mobility and independence.  Times when you -- or members of your family or other people involved in your care -- need to develop strategies and skills for managing whatever challenges your body is facing so that you can get on with your life.

It is during these times that you need a personal trainer whom you can trust; a personal trainer with years of experience who can tailor your sessions to your specific mobility and rehabilitation needs.  A personal trainer who can work with you in a gym setting or at your home if that is the better option for you.  Please complete this enquiry form for more information or to schedule your free initial consultation.

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