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Intensive Course in Jakarta, Indonesia

Intensive Conductive Education courses  -- commonly referred to as camps, or even boot camps -- are a fantastic way to allow people to experience Conductive Education in areas where those services do not yet exist or to add a service arm or retreat that intermittently compliments a weekly sessional style program.  Intensive Conductive Education courses can also be used to offer service to a specific new client population (for example people with a different diagnosis or level of impairment, or adults if a service traditionally has only catered for children, or courses specific for families or support staff) therefore creating demand for ongoing expansion of the services your organisation offers.  Intensive programs can also be used to bring together a range of other services that compliment the services you offer -- for example your regular weekly MS group might love a weekend retreat that combines Conductive Education, resistance training, water walking, yoga, nutrition, stress management, reflexology, and a workshop on trending condition management.

Professionally and personally I love intensive courses - the energy and excitement, the tangible goals realised in very short time periods,  the chance to impart skills and influence the attitudes and abilities of so many people, the change of scenery, the challenge, and the possibility of starting from scratch and building something new that will continue to thrive beyond my involvement.  Running these types of programs or helping your organisation get ready to run them on your own forces me to stretch, grow, and adapt my practice so that it works in your setting and for your clients.  

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Contact me today to find out about an getting an Intensive Conductive Education program running in your area.